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The EAVDI Yearbook has a great tradition of providing continuing education in the field of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging. The 2015 edition is now complete, and our contributing authors have provided excellent information on clinical applications and novel new research. These types of articles bring together experience and expertise that is not otherwise available in much of the scientific literature.


  1. Advanced Neuroimaging in Veterinary Science - Philippa J. Johnson
  2. Image-Guided Radiotherapy: Principles and Applications in Veterinary Medicine - Carla Rohrer Bley
  3. Diagnostic Imaging of the Equine Back - Fabrice Audigié, Virginie Coudry, Sandrine Jacquet, Lélia Bertoni, Jean-Marie Denoix
  4. From Quantitative to Nano-computed Tomography: Research and Clinical Applications - Sandra Martig
  5. Low-field Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Canine Stifle Joint - Martin Konar
  6. Small Intestinal Ultrasonography in Dogs and Cats - Lorrie Gaschen and Alexandre LeRoux
  7. Abstracts From German Publications 2014 and Early 2015 - Abstracts selected and edited by Sandra Martig

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