Summer Camp


Dear all,


Vet Meet is proud to announce that we will host the next Imaging Summer Camp - a high-level Diagnostic Imaging conference with 5 days full of keynote lectures. 

It will take place from the 4-8th of June 2018 in Bad Kohlgrub, Germany, in the beautiful surroundings of the Bavarian Alps.

The registration has just opened and the early bird registration fees apply to February 1st, 2018. 

For more information go to our website: and/or read below:

We believe, that we - as specialists - need to be always up to date to guarantee the best medical management for our patients. However, after the Board Exam, when the time of Journal Clubs and Book Reading is far away… to follow the scientific progress of our College/Discipline and remain up to date is not easily manageable. Diagnostic imaging is the bridge between different specialities and for this reason, we need to improve our communications with other specialists and to understand their point of views and approaches. 

This is why VetMeet is gathering for you speakers that actively contribute to the international literature from different disciplines offering 5 days of continuing education with higher scientific standards. 


The main focus will be on Imaging, our driving force, but we will develop the topics in a different way. Not only there will be radiologists, but we will also profit from neurologists, neuropathologists and ophthalmologists that will show us their side of medicine. Their point of views will expand our greyscale world and bring us into a more integrated diagnostic approach. 


This is what the Imaging Summer Camp is going to give you from the 4th to the 8th of June 2018. Join us in the beautiful frame of the Bavarian Alps, few miles away from the city of Munich, and dive through nature and history in the heart of Europe during our social program that will leave you breathless. 


We bring specialists together, join us and be part of it! 


Your Vet Meet team